Why do I love football? Two years ago my son was not playing any sport, out of shape and no real desire to change that. He began to show an interest in football and began to play on a local team. We decided watching the NFL was the way to learn the game better. We watched all the teams and he chose the San Francisco 49ers. We have watched a preseason game in Kansas City and every time our 49ers are on TV we watch the game! He is such a fan that we spent 20 hours on an Amtrak train to Dallas, TX to participate in the Michael Crabtree camp in June of 2014. It was the best of both worlds for my son, learn the game from the pros, and meet some of players from his favorite team. Every 49er we encountered was gracious and encouraging to my son. My favorite contact however was Tony Jerod-Eddie. He took the time to introduce us to 49er players that were at the camp and got five signatures on the football my son brought. Tony would see us in the hallway and ask if we needed anything and would introduce us to any player that was close enough, 49er or other team.
Quinton Patton stopped eating his lunch and stopped a phone call to sign my sons football. The 49ers take the time to meet their fans and encourage them. The encouragement of the players at this camp gave my son the confidence to go out for the starting line on his football team.
Football has brought health to my son. He was twenty five pounds over weight with no stamina. He suffers from asthma and poor lung function, he now uses 91% of his lung capacity and made the starting offensive line on his football team. Without football my son would still be out of shape and facing an adulthood of health issues. He has totally changed his outlook on food and exercise and strives daily to better himself. He wants to play in the NFL one day. Many people see football players as jocks that do not care, that could not be farther from the truth. Quinton Patton, Tony Jerod-Eddie, and Michael Crabtree put themselves out into the community. They are encouraging young men to get good grades and succeed in their football careers. They are using their fame to reach the younger generation, from all walks of life. I love football because it gives kids that are out of shape with no purpose, a way to get into shape and find their purpose. My son may never play in the NFL but he knows that there are three NFL players who believe in him and they that told him he can do it. He is out to prove them right someday. Thank you to the NFL for the opportunity to share my story and hopefully encourage other young men to get into shape and better themselves.

America has come together to share our love of football.

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As we go into week 7 of the 2014 football, season to my coaching buddies remember that your words have power. If you call a kid a meathead or get in his face about something, remember to grab them after practice and explain to them the reason for that. If you need a kid to give you something that they are not giving you show them what you need, don't just assume that they understand because you see it clear as day. 
To me the game of football is...


my name is Michael ray. I entered my pee wee football team as a group but am not sure if you guys have the entry. I got an email that confirmed that u got it and said I would receive and email once it was approved, but that was a week ago. I wanted to enter my daughter in the contest as an individual but she just turned 10, and I wasn't sure if she could be entered, so I just entered the team....


I was born needing almost six hours of blood transfusions with damage to my kidneys, liver and brain. My parents were told I would...


Kaden is 18 months old a big Packer fan – along with his entire family from Wisconsin to Alaska!
While Kaden may still be little, it’s so neat that he is carrying on the tradition of his Dad, who, sadly passed away unexpectedly when Kaden was 2 months old.
Upon a touchdown, his Dad would run around the house and scream and slap everyone’s hands!  Kaden is showing the same excitement, by clapping excessively and throwing his hands up in the...






In the 49th year of the 20th century, our Dad and Mom, Raymond Schwartz
and Margaret McCabe married and went on to build their own dream team of
11 in the next 14 years. With seven boys and four girls, life at our
house was often a full-contact sport, but with Dad as the Coach and Mom
as General Manager, we were each fully committed to our family team.

Growing up at 49 Ripplewood...


Why I Love Football
By Bill Brown

I love football, not just for the successful play, great run, long pass or amazing catch. I love football because playing the game has taught me, like many others, how to be physically fit, mentally sharp, and an independent player within a working team. I learned to persevere in order to overcome adversity and achieve goals. It taught me how to succeed in life.

Let me share a short story to illustrate exactly...



My name is Tysen Tresness and I am helping my brother Graham submit his entry. Since Graham started watching football, he overall seems happier. I am now able to connect to him on a fundamentally simpler level than before. People tend to judge Graham based off of his disability, but he is so much more than that. He is a loving, caring individual who is always able to look on the bright side and I truly believe that his love of football has helped him to...


Our video was produced by one of our long time players, Nelson Nunez and his work was supported by Jessica Freels photographs.  I am the founder and organizer for Ultimate Football Walnut Creek.  UFWC is not a league and there is no cost to those who play.  Sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play are the most critical components of the game and a must for anyone who competes. 
I started organizing Ultimate Football games in Walnut Creek in 2009...

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