Boron is a very small town located in the middle of the Mojave Desert in California. In Boron, kids don't just love football, it's a way of life. The high school has roughly 150 students, 75 boys and close to 50 of them play football or are involved with the team. The reason why they play football is because they love it. In the town of Boron, there is no theatre to go to on the weekend. There is no cable internet to use all day after school. There is no super mall to go to with friends. There's no Walmart. No gas station in town. There's no golds gym or 24 hour fitness. There's not even a McDonalds. So what do these boron football players do for fun? The only thing there is to do, play football. The smallest 11 man football team in the entire state of California has become a football powerhouse in its division, winning league title on a regular basis. With a varsity squad with around 20-22 players, each player is asked to be an ironman year in and year out, playing both ways. After high school most players follow their older siblings and parents footsteps, work in the Borax mine. Most of these players never have left Boron or will leave Boron. The community is so poverty stricken that most players cannot afford college or much less go on vacation. Going to a professional NFL game would be a dream come true, especially the Super Bowl.
The usual fun activity for these players are going to the only grass in town (the football field) and flip old tries that came off the old tractors used to haul borax. When I took over as head football coach and PE teacher I immediately contacted every major clothing appeal company in hopes of getting sponsored or some sort of donation to help out the town. There were serious improvements needed such as the weight room was in shambles, the equipment was older than I was, the place was a dump. I was denied by everyone including the local mine. It was heart breaking to see what these kids had to use. So I went to the community. Although there was very limited income parents and guardians could give, they gave all they could. They helped fundraise enough money to get flooring for the weight room. Some players donated an old sound system and some parents pitched in for paint. The weight room is still in major need but it is now useable. And boy do the players use the weight room! The players want to get into the weight room as much as possible. To them, it's a way out. A way to be somewhere nice. A way to do something that a normal town and normal kid would do. This years football team is the hardest working group of kids I have ever been around. They always have a positive attitude and absolutely love football. With 22 kids on varsity and 20 on JV and 4 coaches we are doing everything we can to become a family. There is no money to travel anywhere fun. So we watch movies, in my back yard. From remember the Titans to Rudy, the kids love it. It's the closest thing they have to getting away and being part of something bigger. I can't describe how much it would mean to these kids to go to the Super Bowl!
Please don't over look the tiny town of Boron like everyone else. Please help these boys out and give them the adventure of a lifetime! Thank you so much for considering these kids!

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As we go into week 7 of the 2014 football, season to my coaching buddies remember that your words have power. If you call a kid a meathead or get in his face about something, remember to grab them after practice and explain to them the reason for that. If you need a kid to give you something that they are not giving you show them what you need, don't just assume that they understand because you see it clear as day. 
To me the game of football is...


my name is Michael ray. I entered my pee wee football team as a group but am not sure if you guys have the entry. I got an email that confirmed that u got it and said I would receive and email once it was approved, but that was a week ago. I wanted to enter my daughter in the contest as an individual but she just turned 10, and I wasn't sure if she could be entered, so I just entered the team. she is a quarterback and she is good. she already has 10 td passes this season. she was featured on HLN News Now with Mike Galanos. She loves football. she grew up cheering for her brother, but she really wanted to play. so this year I let her. Anyways, I tried resubmitting the video I used for our team entry and a separate video for her entry, but it wont allow me to attach a file that size.maybe you can get the videos from our facebook pages. I am posting them on my timeline. As far as what football means to her, she says its her favorite thing to do with her family and at school. if she isn't watching it, he is playing it. Michael T. Ray( daughter is Jordyn D. Ray)


I was born needing almost six hours of blood transfusions with damage to my kidneys, liver and brain. My parents were told I would...


Kaden is 18 months old a big Packer fan – along with his entire family from Wisconsin to Alaska!
While Kaden may still be little, it’s so neat that he is carrying on the tradition of his Dad, who, sadly passed away unexpectedly when Kaden was 2 months old.
Upon a touchdown, his Dad would run around the house and scream and slap everyone’s hands!  Kaden is showing the same excitement, by clapping excessively and throwing his hands up in the...






In the 49th year of the 20th century, our Dad and Mom, Raymond Schwartz
and Margaret McCabe married and went on to build their own dream team of
11 in the next 14 years. With seven boys and four girls, life at our
house was often a full-contact sport, but with Dad as the Coach and Mom
as General Manager, we were each fully committed to our family team.

Growing up at 49 Ripplewood...


Why I Love Football
By Bill Brown

I love football, not just for the successful play, great run, long pass or amazing catch. I love football because playing the game has taught me, like many others, how to be physically fit, mentally sharp, and an independent player within a working team. I learned to persevere in order to overcome adversity and achieve goals. It taught me how to succeed in life.

Let me share a short story to illustrate exactly...



My name is Tysen Tresness and I am helping my brother Graham submit his entry. Since Graham started watching football, he overall seems happier. I am now able to connect to him on a fundamentally simpler level than before. People tend to judge Graham based off of his disability, but he is so much more than that. He is a loving, caring individual who is always able to look on the bright side and I truly believe that his love of football has helped him to...


Our video was produced by one of our long time players, Nelson Nunez and his work was supported by Jessica Freels photographs.  I am the founder and organizer for Ultimate Football Walnut Creek.  UFWC is not a league and there is no cost to those who play.  Sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play are the most critical components of the game and a must for anyone who competes. 
I started organizing Ultimate Football games in Walnut Creek in 2009...

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